Opportunities for Partnership and Collaborative Working

The business need that prompted the creation of the Ten Steps programme has enabled it’s positioning as a strategic training intervention being of relevance to “next gen” employees who face challenges associated with automation and radical changes to careers/jobs into the future.

  • Ten Steps has emerged as a learning initiative that has enthusiastic appeal to the next generation of employees; seen as an opportunity to enhance a battery of skills for life and career progression.
  • The programme acts as a stepping- stone for participating employees seeking to develop their career pathways and shift into leadership or other specialist roles.

Licensing:  an option for the Delivery of the Steps Programme:

The opportunity for licensing and partnership working is available given the most recent product upgrades in 5 key areas:

  • The workbook
  • An e login in site for participants
  • A Ten Steps Facilitator manual
  • Training of Facilitators
  • An e login site for Licensed Ten Steps Facilitators.

This integrated package is intended for licensing trainers across Businesses, Social Enterprises, and Public Sector Organisations.  The benefits of the licensing option is the knowledge transfer and the building up of training and learning capacity within an organisation, utilising a product that has been continuously used, tried and tested and that works. Collaborations between smaller companies present a creative and viable business venture.

I welcome expressions of interest, pleased to have consultations and organise “taster sessions” for potentially interested customers.