10 Steps Workshops

Each workshop has a clear focus starting with learning experiences associated with self-awareness and taking stock of one’s life. Participants are expected to commit to all workshops, the self–study assignments and on completion will have achieved over 40 hours of personal development.

During the research and pilot stage of the Ten Steps programme, many views were expressed that described “Personal Development” as a journey, as a hill climb and for some a mountain climb. Workshops have been designed to be progressive and more challenging as participants make changes and put into practice their learning associated with for example assertiveness communication, improving self confidence and dealing with difficult people or situations.

Themes are centred on:

Workshop 6 builds on the previous workshops where participants develop skills and techniques associated with principled negotiation and dealing with conflict

Group experience brilliant and continued after the course

A realisation that I am not alone and meeting a fabulous group of women with whom I can share experiences and they understand without judgement

I found the workshops well thought out, easy to follow, engaging and fun which made all the difference
I think that the environment created was excellent to opening up and sharing and I had a great time meeting new people from the Business

The learning environment seeks to achieve full engagement of participants by using a facilitative approach that enables individuals to understand their own learning needs and styles for making changes and improving capabilities associated with life skills.

Group support and networking underpin home study in addition to participants having access to e-learning materials and telephone support.

The Steps programme has a track record for maintaining miniscule drop out rates and for achieving high levels of motivation towards completing the programmes and for continuing on with personal development learning.

An added piece of feedback consistently being highlighted over the past few years by participants, is the value of attending 6 x one day workshops where the focus is on face to face conversations, debate and group sharing that is without the presence of phones, social media interventions. Some of the younger participants likened it to an “E Detox” and expressed value in having this space to reflect, be creative, share and act.