10 Steps Workbook

The 200 page workbook (now in its 5th upgrade) is a collection of ideas, exercises, theories and personal development models illustrated in a simple way to support the learning environment. The content of the Ten Steps workbook includes: managing change, goal setting, assertiveness communication, handling feedback, empathy and maintaining, relationships, building self confidence, conflict management and achieving life/work balance.

Engagement and self-management of learning and development is at the core of the Steps programme with the workbook now established as a key element of the learning and development outcomes.

Feedback from over 10% of the 400 participants who have completed the Steps programme have described the usefulness of the workbook as having continuous access to a source of knowledge, as a reminder of the goals achieved and the progress made, as a motivator to achieve more and apply the techniques and skills learned to deal with challenges at work and in personal situations.

Anecdotal feedback confirms the value of the workbook as an aide memoire to what has been learned, what goals either achieved or a work in progress as a result of increased levels of self-awareness and personal development improvements associated with for example; communication skills and confidence building.