An Introduction to 10 Steps

The Ten Steps personal development programme is designed as a journey of self- discovery, that is about understanding ourselvesour experiencespast achievements, and future aspirations.

In a world that is rapidly changing, learning is valued as a beneficial activity for improving work prospects, for meeting new people and taking part in social activities, for contributing to health and well-being and for increasing motivation to discover new talents.

The internet, social media and a high tech world presents both opportunities and threats for people of all ages and from diverse personal and work backgrounds. Not to engage in change may leave us feeling isolated, and lacking in optimism and choice as reflected in the quote by Maya Angelou.

The 10 Steps learning approach enables participants to make changes through increasing self awareness about all aspects of their lives; personal, work, family, social & community.

Engaging in this learning programme involves activities including:

  • Taking stock of personal strengths and areas we want to improve on.

  • Increasing self awareness for making changes we would like to make e.g. attitudes, behaviours, priorities in life.

  • Realising our potential to learn new skills and develop our existing life skills. Taking more charge of our futures.

  • Focusing on goals and resourcing our plans to achieve our personal targets.

  • Using support from others positively to make changes for example: improving self–confidence or motivation and changing attitudes and behaviours.

Training programmes for men and women are delivered as gender specific programmes to enable participants engage effectively with the learning content, the discussions and debates associated with personal development challenges.

Steps 1-5 focus on engaging with personal development, increasing self-awareness, goal setting techniques to make changes and acquire new skills, taking action for managing health and energy and using group support and from family, friends, when moving outside comfort zones and taking risks.

Steps 6-10 are aimed at improving motivation, improving self-managing skills and resilience, making the changes happen and maintaining staying power to continue with learning initiatives and the discovery of hidden talents.